Wednesday 10 May 2023

Arthur Thiele's Flugmaschinen

Carl Robert Arthur Thiele was a well-known illustrator of postcards within Germany, though his output outside the country is not as well known. Beyond Deutschland he was mostly known as a painter of anthropomorphic animals, and they were his most profitable subject. Nevertheless he produced many, many images of many different kinds. Born in Leipzig in 1860 and dying in the same city in 1936, he lived through both the fantasies of air travel and its realization. Among his prodigious postcard paintings are a few series of the life aeronautic. Even these are but a small sample of his postcards on this one subject.  

Receiving drinks and hors d'oeuvres aboard the party barge.

The caption speaks to the pleasure and strengthening of the heart
that comes from a flight through the Italian sunshine. 

Collision with a messenger boy.

Aerial rabbit hunting.

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