Wednesday 27 October 2021

The Haunted House by Segundo de Chomón

The Haunted House is a delightful little trick film by Spanish pioneer of effects films, Segundo de Chomón. Coming out the same year as his better-known The Electric Hotel, here de Chomón reverts to full-on fantasy without the scientific glosses, placing his characters inside a truly haunted house.

Wednesday 13 October 2021

The Tables Turned by E.E. Kellett

It can be a hard afterlife out there for a ghost. A proper appointment to a lucrative position can be difficult to come by, especially in a skeptical age. That is where the narrator of our story The Tables Turned comes in. His job is placing ghosts with needful clients... Though it isn't without its challenges. One customer can't seem to keep his house haunted, and the reasons why become apparent with the tragedy of the most recent applicant to the position.

Written by E.E. Kellett, The Tables Turned appeared in the January 1903 edition of Pearson's Magazine. Click on the page for a larger version.