Wednesday 17 March 2021

By the Water with James Tissot

Born Jacques Joseph Tissot in 1836 in Nantes, France, he had already become an established artist by the time he moved to London in 1871. During that phase of his life, "James" Tissot specialized in scenes from the docks and aboard ship... Likely, he was influenced by the same seagoing culture of Nantes that also affected Jules Verne so deeply, who was himself born in Nantes in 1828. The following is a selection of Tissot's works on that theme, including his series of paintings that appear to be using the same room and same models. Click on the each image for a larger version. Without further ado...   

Ball on Shipboard (1874)

Boarding the Yacht (1873)

The Captain and the Mate (1873)

The Gallery of HMS Calcutta (Portsmouth) (1876)

The Last Evening (1873)

Portsmouth Dockyards (1877)

On the Thames (1876)

A Passing Storm (1876)

Room Overlooking the Harbour (1876-78)

Bad News (1872)

An Interesting Story (1872)

A Visit to the Yacht

Goodbye on the Mersey (1880)

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