Saturday, 28 June 2014

Disney Kingdoms: Figment (2014)

Ordinarily I would write a review of a comic miniseries until it was done, so that I could have a more involved discussion of the complete product, its themes and meanings and allusions and all of those sorts of things. However, I thought this time I would alert you to a comic that just started in the last month.

Figment is the latest in Marvel's "Disney Kingdoms" imprint, through which Disney hopes to leverage their new comic company to craft new stories based on past theme park concepts and guys who wear goggles. The first comic from the imprint was Seekers of the Weird, based on Rolly Crump's "Museum of the Weird" concepts for the Haunted Mansion that never materialized. Figment is based on the original iteration of the Journey Into Imagination attraction at EPCOT.

Written by Jim Zub, drawn by artist Filipe Andrade, and contributed to by Imagineers Jim Clark, Brian Crosby, Tom Morris and Josh Shipley, Figment begins in London in 1910 where the crackpot inventor Blarion Mercurial is trying to find a means to turn thought into a form of energy. His experiments are not the success that his overseers at the Academy Scientific-Lucidius are paying him for, and it appears that he will soon be turned out on his ear. Mercurial decides to give one last crack at his Integrated Mesmonic Converter, and produces something totally unexpected... A small purple dragon, a figment of his imagination given life by one little spark. Of course, this Figment isn't exactly what the Academy is looking for either, and that's when the fun begins (and issue #1 ends).

I would imagine that you'd get the most out of this origin story/reboot of Journey Into Imagination if you grew up with the original attraction in EPCOT. I did not, and all I really know about it is what I've seen on YouTube and South Park. Figment is enjoyable enough in its own right as a story of Edwardian mad science that I think it is worth picking up even if you don't have those childhood remembrances. Issue 1 is all set-up, and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here. That issue is currently on sale with issue 2 due on July 7th.   

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Jack said...

Hmm, Will look into it. My boys & I really enjoyed the Space Mountain graphic novel that came out in May. While it is exists in a standard science fiction setting, it does includes some amusing shots of the Disney Land Paris Space Mountain in an alternate (evil) timeline.

I noticed that Figment has the Marvel logo, is Disney doing multiple comic imprints?