Thursday, 2 May 2013

On Hiatus for May

As you read this today, the lovely Miss Ashley and I have already been in Paris, France, for a few days. We're in the midst of two weeks in the City of Lights – with side-trips to Mont St. Michel, the Loire Valley and Jules Verne's manor in Amiens – and as a consequence Voyages Extraordinaires is taking the month of May off.

However, if you're in Calgary and want to see Voyages Extraordinaires live, I will be hosting the Beyond Steampunk Anime panel at Otafest 2013. It's the 15th anniversary of Calgary's premier anime and Japanese fandom event, which makes me feel old since I have been attending since the first! Visit the website in coming weeks for the full schedule.

We will more likely than not post a trip review at the end of the month, but Voyages Extraordinaires will return to its regular schedule in June with a return look at Disney and Jules Verne (which will certainly draw from this trip to France), followed by a Walt Disney's Weird West month in July to celebrate the new Lone Ranger film. Thank you everyone for your ongoing support of this weblog and we will see you again soon.


Natalie Belton said...

Good luck with the hosting! I will miss the blog in the mean time.

Laura Morrigan said...

That sounds amazing! Have a wonderful time! I hope to visit Verne's home one day!

Marc Bridgham said...

Have a wonderful time! And thanks for the quality, dedication, knowledge, and Spirit you bring to this little corner of the Universe.

Cory Gross said...

Thank you very much! The trip went well and there will be a report at the end of the month!