Tuesday, 3 July 2012


When I first began Voyages Extraordinaires while living in a foreign city and working on my graduate degree, it was with an ambitious thrice-weekly schedule. That was quickly bumped down to twice-weekly, which has remained fairly consistent for several years even as I returned home and embarked upon the career phase of my life. However, as those roots of employment, volunteerism, church and romance are becoming stronger and more stable, I find myself with less and less time to devote to the consumption of media and research required of this blog.

Therefore it is my regret to announce that we will be shifting to a once-per-week schedule for the forseeable future. Starting tomorrow, Voyages Extraordinaires' new publication day will be Wednesdays, still with giveaways and extras on the weekends. Be sure to visit then, and if you haven't yet, subscribe through Facebook or Google. Either way, thank you all for your ongoing support of this humble weblog!

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Vicente L Ruiz said...

Thanks a lot, Cory, from a fan who usually silently reads, learns and assents, and takes part -selfishly- on giveaways.

I will keep on reading your interesting articles, learning form them and even trying to comment more, if I can.