Sunday, 24 June 2012

VEx June Giveaway - Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon

With the return of Voyages Extraordinaires after my vacation comes a return to our giveaways! This month I have a copy of the third book in Mark Hodder's Burton and Swinburne series, Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon. If you have no picked this up yet, here is your chance. If you have not picked up any of the series, then try for this and snag the rest from your bookseller of choice. This series has been one of the few really stellar examples of the genre in recent years!

The draw will be made out of my top hat at midnight on Sunday, June 24. To enter, just leave a comment in reply to this post (and make sure that there is some way to contact you via it, your profile, or whathaveyou). Thank you one and all for your continued support of Voyages Extraordinaires and good luck!

And the winner is... lordofthewaters! To our winner, please check your inbox for a message. To the rest of you, thank you for on ongoing support of Voyages Extraordinaires and keep your eyes peeled for future contests!


Baron said...

I hope I win. The first book is great.

If I do win, please reach me at baron.livingston@gmail [dot] com.

lordofthewaters said...

I'll give it another go.

ColKillgore said...

I have the clockwork man and could use the third book in the series.

killgore1217 at yahoo dot com

ColKG said...

i won the first one maybe lightning will strike twice

Vicente L Ruiz said...

Yes! I have just finished reading the first two books, and they are great. Let us see if I can win the third one.

In any case, thank you, Cory!

Ani said...

Oooo! New series! I'll put my name in for the third & go find the first two.