Saturday, 24 March 2012

VEx March Contest - Under the Moons of Mars

In celebration of the centennial of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter series, March's giveaway will be for Bison Frontiers of Imagination's collected edition of the first three Carter novels: Under the Moons of Mars! This anthology of A Princess of Mars, Gods of Mars and Warlord of Mars includes and introduction by James P. Hogan and illustrations by Scott Beachler.

To enter, just leave a post in the comment section, and make sure there is some way to contact you through it. The draw will be at 12:00 am on Sunday, March 25!

Thank you again, one and all, for your continued support of Voyages Extraordinaires: Scientific Romances in a Bygone Age!

And the winner is... grouchomarxist! Check your inbox for a message, and thank you once again to everyone for your ongoing support!


Laughing Ferret said...

Sounds like a nice prize. Barsoom is tied, or perhaps a close second, hard to say, for my favorite fictional world along with Middle Earth. When I was about 13 my dad gave me a box of old Bantam & Ace paperbacks he'd collected when he was a kid of Edgar Rice Burroughs novels: Tarzan, Barsoom, Venus, the Moon & Pellucidar, loved them all, though Mars became my favorite. So glad to see that the appreciation lives on, and regains greater interest.
-laughingferret (at)

ediFanoB said...

What great prize! I think with the upcoming John Carter movie the time has come to return to the original.

I must admit I never read a book by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

- edifanob (at) gmail [dot] com

Rob Herndon Jr said...

Awesome contest...count me in, please.

Rob (rgherndon) at gmail dot com

Niko said...

Count me in too, please. These have been on my to-read list for eons.
(feynico at gmail dot com)

lordofthewaters said...

Count me in! I've wanted to read these for some time, but never seem o make it around to finding copies.

grouchomarxist said...

Sign me up, please:

Willow of the Trees said...

Please enter me:

sboychuk at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Red men, green men, blue men, plant men, apts, calots and thoats, what's not to love

lord_president (at) msn (d0t) com

Anonymous said...

What better way to introduce me to these works than by giving them to me!

W0m6at (at) hotmail (dot) com

Paul of the Man Cave said...

A great prize - I took my 11yr old son to see the movie and now he is keen to read more about Barsoom and JC, so this would be well received by us indeed!