Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Galaxy Express 999: Journey of Energy Over Time and Space (2010-2011)

Competing against its own epic 113 episode television run and two legendary feature films, further adventures of the Galaxy Express 999 have had to make due with little fits and starts. A prequel here, a special on the Galaxy Railways series there, being licenced out to waterbuses in Tokyo, the Nintendo DS, and now, Ginga Tetsudō 999: Jikū o Koeta Energy no Tabi.

These online shorts - translating as Galaxy Express 999: Journey of Energy Over Time and Space - were commissioned from Toei Animation and Leiji Matsumoto by Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Handed several hundred thousand dollars, they reassembled the original cast and produced some quality animation charting Maetel and Tetsuro's further voyages. At each stop, including a return visit to Earth, they examine the futuristic production of energy resources.

Unfortunately, like all Galaxy Express 999 episodes, these are rather dialogue heavy and have not been blessed with English subtitles. Still, they are cute to watch. And if you pay attention to the numbers that flash at the close of each short, you can earn a nice desktop wallpaper for each of the two "seasons".

Click here to watch Galaxy Express 999: Journey of Energy Over Time and Space.


Horyzon said...

Unfortunately, the link is broken, they seem to have put the episodes offline :(. As I don't read japanse, i don't understand why they did so...

Cory Gross said...

You are correct and no reason was given. All it says is that it's not there. Nuts!