Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mononoke Hime (1980)

While the film Mononoke Hime (known here as Princess Mononoke) served as Hayao Miyazaki's breakthrough in the Western world, it was preceeded by another Mononoke Hime. Rather than a film, this version is a painted fairy tale storybook about a giant cat, a loyal daughter and a duke possessed by a demon. However, it retains all the charm of a Ghibli production, with an dynamic sense of motion in the paintings themselves. This translation has been presented online by the Conversations on Ghibli weblog. Click on the cover to read Mononoke Hime.


sinvokasha said...

Now that this has been up for awhile, I'll post my spoiler-containing comment:

I thought it was awesome that the super-cute big fat cat doesn't change back to a human at the end of the story. Made me so happy. :D

J.R.D.S. said...

I wouldn't call it that: these are image boards, not a picture book made for public consumption as one, to decide on the atmosphere of scenes and what is shown on-screen (prior to the latter being fine-tuned in storyboard and then layout): all his films go through this stage, but not all of them go on to be produced as films. But it is inspiring to see them with his verbal descriptions and imagine the film that could have been made from them, and in another way for his own line and paint work. Ponyo's and Kiki's especially, for some others I've seen several for.