Thursday, 3 March 2011

Little Nemo (1984)

Another case of what could have been... An animated film adaptation of Winsor McCay's classic comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland had been caught in development Hell through the 1980's. Under the roof of TMS, it was passed around on both sides of the Pacific until finally becoming the version released in 1989. One of the earliest treatments was by some of the people who would become members of Studio Ghibli. The following short film came from the hands of animator and director Yoshifumi Kondo, who became famous for Whisper of the Heart, and Kazuhide Tomonaga, who was a key animator for Castle of Cagliostro, Castle in the Sky and many other Ghibli films. This clip and the teaser poster show the turn-of-the-century flight of fancy, literally, that Nemo promised, by way of a wonderful and typically Ghiblian flight over London and through a drowned city.

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Marc said...

Wonderful clip! Little Nemo is one of those unique pieces that exists in the twilight borders of the imagination. One that deserves better recognition and treatment in various media.