Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Age of the Flying Boat (1989)

Ghibli fandom owes a debt to Daniel Thomas MacInnes of The Ghibli Blog for his willingness to go that extra mile in preserving rare and translated material for the rest of us. That includes The Age of the Flying Boat.

Originally published in 1989 in Japan's Model Grafx magazine, later to be included in the Hayao Miyazaki's Daydream Note anthology, The Age of the Flying Boat is the original manga that would become the film Porco Rosso. Animerica Magazine was able to publish a translated version in 1993, and it is this that MacInnes has digitized for his weblog.

Click on the first page below to read it for yourself!

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Marc said...

Oh, bless you for this one. Flying boats are one of my favorite iconic artifacts from the Scientiric Romantic Adventure Universe and i had not come across this before.