Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Gentlemen's Duel (2006)

Making a few waves a few years ago, Blur Studios' short film A Gentlemen's Duel didn't need to promise much but the best of all possible things, that great Holy Grail that makes any film, comic, role-playing game, novel or video game the greatest ever: giant steam-powered robots.

The final execution was certainly impressive when it comes to the various robots. As a British lord and French aristocrat vie for the affections of a buxom lady, their distinctly British and French war machines have at it in various amusing and creative ways. Unfortunately, the remainder relies a little to heavily on sex and toilet humour to be all that impressive. It's not like such a short was meant to be taken all that seriously anyways.

The full short is available for purchase on iTunes, via the Blur Studios website.


A Snow White Sanctum said...

From the look of the trailer, the producers of this short film were really onto something. It's too bad they chose to follow the route of, as you say, "toilet humour". It appeared to have all the other aspects in tact to the point where someone like Disney or Pixar could have possibly optioned it to be made into a feature-length project. Targeting the junior high mentality is good for some laughs on youtube, but this could have been much more...including BIG BUCKS for the producers.

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