Thursday, 16 April 2009


Before Transformers: Evolutions - Hearts of Steel, there was still one Decepticon that fused the futuristic technology of Cybertron with the antiquated technology of the Victorian Era: Astrotrain. As a bit of a small-time player in the ranks of Megatron, serving most often as transportation, Astrotrain was one of the handful of Transformer Triple-Changers. On either side of his robot mode were a modern space shuttle and a purple steam locomotive.

Long gone, the original toy was recently reissued in more accurate black and white (as opposed to purple and grey) and completely remade in the Transformers: Classics line. Unfortunately, that slick new version dispensed with the poetry of a Transformer reflecting humanity's advancements in transportation technology by having him morph into a bullet train instead of a steam engine. Here, however, are photos of the original action figure:


Kevin said...

OMG! I have that Transformer in my old toy collection at my parent's house! I totally remember playing with it tons. But my favorites still are the construction bots that could combine to become a giant robot-- sadly, I never had more than a handful: gigantic interconnectivity was never realized. Astrotrain gains a spot on my old fave toys list nonetheless, right beneath my Robotech figurines and Battle Beats... Wait, I sound like a total toy geek when waxing nostalgiac!

Kevin said...

Correction, typo: "Battle Beasts"