Monday, 22 December 2008

Eyvind Earle's Sleeping Beauty

Besides the character designers like Marc Davis, the triumphant illustrator of Maleficent, probably no one did more to set the style of Disney's Sleeping Beauty than Eyvind Earle. Drawing from his fascination with the Middle Ages, he crafted a look for the film that beautifully combined the angularity of 1950's pop-art with the motifs of Mediaeval tapestry to create a visual background that is unique in the whole Disney canon.

To better appreciate this work, Michael Sporn has collected a series of captures from the bonus features of the Special Edition DVD release of the film. Below are a few favorite selections, many by Earle and some not, and the remainder can be seen here and here. He also goes into some of the history and controversy behind Earle's leadership on the project here.


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