Monday, 24 November 2008

More Excerpts from Gustave Doré's "Prophecies"

French illustrator Gustave Doré earned his beginning as a newspaper charicaturist, which was amply reflected in his book Two Hundred Sketches Humorous and Grotesque. Here is a second set of excerpts from the chapter "Prophecies Concerning the Future of the French People", in which Doré attempts the Parisian fetish of prognostication.

The newspapers will continue more than ever, by accounts
of sea serpents and other monsters, to spread horror
and consternation among their subscribers.

But they will likewise continue, in the morning,
to contradict the horrifying facts they
have announced overnight.

The pupils of the "Conservatoire de Musique" will
continue to disdain the foolish prejudices
associated with their sex.

Ever anxious to offer novelty to its patrons,
management of the Hippodrome will send for some
Esquimaux, and change its arena into a polar sea.

The generation that's going out will continue
to look down with supercilious pity upon the
generation that's coming in.

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Viewliner Ltd. said...

As a person of extreme intelligence and classic European breeding, I must say that this Gustav dude was way cool!! LOL Great posts.