Monday, 2 June 2008

Welcome to Lunar Month!

Welcome, precious stone of night,
Delight of the skies, precious stone of the night,
Mother of stars, precious stone of the night,
Child reared by the sun, precious stone of the night,
Excellency of stars, precious stone of the night.
~ Anonymous Gaelic Poem ~

Few things have captured the imagination of humanity like the fair, bright orb of the Moon. We have dreamt about her, made love beneath her, written poems about her, reincarnated her in paper, and striven to reach her. She is the most potent icon of Scientific Romanticism, for her allure has seduced both scientists and romantics.

This month, we'll be chronicling this love affair with the moon, stars, celestial spheres and some fantastic means of getting to them. We'll be taking a look at some paper moon photography, reading a bit of lunar poetry, watching a few movies of Victorian space exploration, listening to some of the music of the spheres, and quite possibly learning something of the actual Heavens.

Welcome to Lunar Month!

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Ottens said...

That sounds lovely! :D