Monday, 31 March 2008

Pirates of the Caribbean Concept Art: The Dead

Having seen Marc Davis' concept art for the living scallywags of the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland, we turn our attention to those who have received their just deserts. These ghoulish scenes occupying the first third of the ride comprise my favorite portion of it: the wind howls and water rushes through dark, claustrophobic caverns where echoing, ominous voices tell us in words what we can already see with our eyes... Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Actually, they were about to tell tales in the original script for the attraction. The soundtrack album available at the park revealed an unused track in which the tortured souls of the tableau began to tell how they ended up in their sorry state of decay, until the booming voices of doom reinforced that cardinal rule. The only place they were left was when passing from the caves to the living world of the pirates sacking the town, when unseen spectres speculate on how you've seen the cursed treasure and knows where it be hidden. Unfortunately, even they've passed on, courtesy of an unwelcome addition of Disney's version of Davy Jones... who informs us, contrary to 40 years of theme park history and any internal necessity of the story, that dead men do tell tales.

Nevertheless, here once more reproduced from the reproduction postcards sold at Disneyland are pieces of Marc Davis' concept art for Pirates of the Caribbean...

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Those are great scans.

I knew I forgot to look for those when I was at Disneyland...